Thursday, October 23 2014
7pm Bachata Courses – Beg, Int, and Adv Levels

Salsa, Swing, and Ballroom dance lessons – No partner needed!

Want a FUN thing to do in Jacksonville?  Learn  to dance!  Parties, clubs, beach festivals, cruises, weddings, even listening to music in the house, dancing makes everything better!

Dancing with the Stars is great to watch, but this is REAL dancing, that you can do to any music, anywhere.  Salsa for a Latin night.  Swing for a country bar.  Hustle for top 40 club mixes.  Imagine you see someone you’ve never met before, take them out on to the floor, and rock their world! Everybody should be able to do that!  And we’re the dance studio that can teach you how!

Don’t have a partner? Not a problem! You’ll meet the other members of our dance studio in our Courses, Parties, and Nights Out on the Town, making friendships that can last a lifetime! Now that’s really exciting!

No contracts or pressure, either!  Just fun!  Want to try it out first?  Sure!  Try it for free!  Call 329-2946 to take a free Private Lesson, or come to a  free Newbie Class!

If you like it, become a Member for just $99 (or $149 for a couple!)  That gives you a forty minute Private Lesson, a 2-hour Course, and permanent membership into our club with special member prices.

How much is everything?  Visit our Prices page, and on your way, scroll down on this page and sign up for our mailing list, fire off a quick question if you have one and watch some dancing in our videos.

Be able to dance with anyone, anywhere, to any music on any dance floor, anywhere in the world! Give us a call at (904) 329-2946 to schedule your free Private Lesson and begin the fun, fabulous, life-changing world of dance! You will love it!

Eddie Laski, Mgr
The Dance Shack
(904) 329-2946


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Take one of these great classes to get started dancing! Call (904) 329-2946 to schedule to try a Course, or just walk in for a Free Newbie Class!


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