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Salsa, Swing, and Ballroom dance lessons – No partner needed!

Want an easy way to make life more FUN in Jacksonville?  Learn  to dance!  When you can dance, your life has the feeling of a movie.  Parties, clubs, beach festivals, cruises, weddings, even listening to music in the house, dancing makes EVERYTHING more fun.

Forget Dancing with the Stars.  This is REAL dancing, that you can do to any music, anywhere.  Salsa for a Latin night.  Swing for a country bar.  New York Hustle for top 40 club mixes.  Imagine you see someone you’ve never met before, take them out on to the floor, and rock their world! Everybody should be able to do that!

Don’t have a partner? Not a problem! You’ll be able to practice with students and instructors in our dance lessons, and you’ll meet new people at our studio Dance Parties, and Nights Out on the Town, making friendships that can last a lifetime! Now that’s really exciting!

No contracts or pressure!  Just fun!  Want to try it out first?  Sure!  Try it for free!  Take a Free Newbie Class on us, and see that with our system anyone can learn! You’ll soon be enjoying the wonderful benefits of dance!

Become a Member for just $49!  That gives you a 2 hour Foundation Course, permanent membership in our club and the special member prices you see below.  Plus, enrollment in our free OnTrack customer support/rewards program which takes the guesswork out of  learning to dance by customizing a program that best suits your budget and schedule.  Your dancing is our responsibility!  We want you to be able to dance with anyone, anywhere, to any music on any dance floor, anywhere in the world!  Go to Getting Started for a membership when you’re ready.

How much is everything?  To see all of our prices, scroll down the page, and on your way, sign up for our mailing list, fire off a quick question if you have one and watch some dancing in our videos.  You’ll also see our next upcoming Newbie Classes and Foundation Courses (remember your first Foundation Course is included with your Membership.)

Begin the fun, fabulous, life-changing world of dance! You will love it!

Eddie Laski, Mgr
The Dance Shack
(904) 329-2946

Quick Guide to Getting Started

Follow these steps and you'll be dancing in a short few weeks!

See the Getting Started Page +

Free Newbie Class

Take this class first and get a sample of the different dances and how we teach! It's completely free! If you liked the Newbie Class, become a Member!


A membership is just $49 and includes a free Foundation Course! Once you're a member you just pay as you go. No monthly dues or annual fees! Pick whatever services you want and get the member rate forever!

Foundation Course

Take the Foundation Course that came with your Membership. Wow, now you're dancing!! We also have Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Courses so you can get as good as you want to be!

Want to see ALL of our coming events in a monthly format? You can! Vist our Events Page!

You can you can choose a List View, or a Week View, or even find groups of events by typing, for instance, "Salsa" in the Search bar!

Next Newbie Classes and Foundation Courses


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Another Salsa

NY Hustle



What does it cost to learn to dance?

Our Services


Isn't great to see the prices right on the front page?

Start with a Free Newbie Class, then if you like it, get a Membership, and take your included Foundation Course. From there the flow looks like this:

Course → Private Lesson → Course → Private Lesson

Repeat this for each level you aspire to, and you'll be the dancer you want to be!

Newbie ClassNewbie Class


Walk in and dance out with our Free Newbie Class! Sample the different dances and see how we teach!


$49 per person.

A Membership gives you access to the great prices here at The Dance Shack. It also includes a 2-hour Foundation Course and our valuable Dance Shack OnTrack Program for free!


$30 for two hours ($40 for non-members)

Usually broken up into two visits, one week apart, Courses will show you where your feet go, and basic timing. Used in conjunction with Private Lessons, you will become a good dancer quickly!

A free Foundation Course comes with your membership. We also have Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Courses. Collect 'em all!

Private LessonsPrivate Lessons

$55 for a forty minute lesson for Singles or Couples. ($69 for non-members)

Private Lessons are one-on-one lessons with an instructor. They are where you will learn to lead and follow, and how to style your moves, making you a wonderful partner to dance with! Use these along with Courses to learn dancing quickly!


$10 an hour ($15 for non-members)

Workshops zoom in on a specific aspect of dancing and improve it! Arm Styling, Latin Motion, Musicality, and even advanced Patterns!


$5 for members and their guests! ($7 for non-members)

We'll turn on the party lights, turn up the music and dance! You'll meet the other members of the club, and instructors will be around to help if you need it! They're a lot of fun!

Nights Out on the TownNights Out on the Town

Varies by destination, generally $5.

Nights Out on the Town will let you mix and mingle with the other dancers in Jacksonville! Always exciting!