Help spread the word

The Dance Shack/shackers

What is a Shacker?

A fun name we give to those who will help spread the word about The Dance Shack, and the awesomeness of the activities we do!

How can I help?

Please encourage your co-workers, friends, family, anyone and bring them to a Newbie Class! They are specifically for people who have never danced before! For each guest you bring, you get a free Drop-In Class! When five guests come in you get a free private lesson! Heck, if you get in enough people, you could learn to dance for free!

Another way is the guest passes we have here in the studio. Put your name on some and hand 'em out! Your guest gets in their first Drop-In Class at no charge, and you'll get credit just like a Newbie Class!

Obviously you only get credit for these things if they have not come to the studio before.

You can also help by 'liking' us and posting links to our site on Facebook, MySpace, and other social networking sites.

Now even if someone just mentions that they came in because of you, you'll still get credit, but make sure they mention you!


The more people we have, the more dance partners everyone has. Also, even though this is a great guest program, try to bring people who like to have fun. Downers and complainers stay home! We want a happy and comfortable atmosphere filled with friendly people who love to dance!